2012 Theme // Go Deep

Have you ever fallen in love?  To the point that you knew that you were risking everything? Your time. A possible broken heart.  Sometimes even your sanity.  Too often, we’re afraid to fall deeply in love with someone because of fears and past hurts.  Yet, that is what God calls us to do.  He wants you to dive deep into relationship with Him through His Word, through talking and sharing your heart, your fears, your sins…  He wants you to find your peace, your contentment, and be fully satisfied with Him alone.  Not because he’s greedy.  But because He knows that you were designed this way.  Only in Christ will you finally find rest.

Go Deep” is an exploration into the huge vastness of God and His love.  This weekend is a time to cast aside your fear and begin to love again with reckless abandon.  It’s time to shed your hurts, let go of your bitterness, and forgive the abuses you’ve endured and dive in.  But this won’t be easy.  There is risk when you dive down deep.  You may be wondering how safe it is to dive headfirst into God’s love.  The question was raised by C.S. Lewis in The Chronicles of Narnia:

“Safe?” said Mr. Beaver.”Who said anything about safe? ‘Course He isn’t safe. But he’s good.”