2013 Theme // Glory

As people created by God, we are designed for worship.  All of us.  Christian or not.  This exhibits itself at football games as we erupt in excitement at a touchdown.  Or at a concert as we cheer for our favorite song.   We’re designed to give glory.  But apart from a real relationship with Christ, we often give our “glory” to things that do not deserve it.  How we understand Christ and ourselves effects our desire to give Him glory.  At the 2013 Reach Your World Conference, Clayton King will break this down into 4 “Essentials” that you need to know.
It starts in John 14.  Jesus encourages his disciples after giving them the bad news that one of them will deny him and one of them will betray him before he goes to die on the cross. He speaks to them tenderly, promising them that the cross is not the end.   Throughout Scripture Jesus speaks to the four greatest desires all people experience, regardless of their ethnic or cultural backgrounds. Moreover, he claims that all of these desires can only be met by having a relationship with him
We are born with the need for human relationships and connection, beginning with our parents and moving to friendship and ultimately marriage. Jesus meets this need in himself and also in community with others.
Everyone has a need to belong somewhere…both geographically and emotionally. We want to know where we’ve come from and where we’re going. We want to know our place in the world and where we fit in to the big scheme. Jesus promises us a place with him both now and forever.
Everyone has a desire to find that one thing they’re passionate and excited about. Whether its art or music or sports or writing, all of us want to find our gift and find pleasure and joy in using it for God and others.
Perhaps the hardest issue we struggle with is why we are here in the first place. We desperately need to know that we have a purpose, that our lives are not random but matter for a greater purpose than just living and ultimately dying. Jesus says that our purpose is found in knowing and pursuing him.