Will Montgomery


Will Montgomery is the emcee for Reach Your World. He is a Christian writer and speaker living in Nashville, Tennessee. He was born into a wonderful family in Wilmington, North Carolina and grew up attempting to balance a keen sensibility to pop culture while growing daily in his faith. His first book, The Polar Bear, uses poignant stories and humorous anecdotes from his life to illustrate theology for the everyday believer. Lukewarm, his second book, is an attention-grabbing, divisive, unflinchingly honest, funny, real, and cynical take on relationships. He is an up-and-coming speaker and desires to share his Biblical worldview with you. Will has worked with several Christian music artists, including tobyMac. He has worked with Premier Productions/Christian Cruises and with America’s favorite inspirational author, Karen Kingsbury.  Also, he likes the Lakers, loathes onions, and loves Jesus.