Would You Risk Your Life for Jesus?


Dying to Share the Name of Jesus

Would you die to share the name of Jesus with these people?

A recent article from Mission Network News shares how Afghans are becoming concerned over the growing number of Christians in their country.  It appears that Christians are coming in to provide medical attention, services, and much needed help to the Afghan people while also sharing with them the love of Jesus.  The true story of Who Jesus is and what He did on the cross for our sins is a message most people in Afghanistan have never really heard.  So many anti-Christian muslims are hoping the government will invoke Sharia Law which would allow them to put to death Christians in their land.

Which brings up a question for you.  Would you risk your life to share Christ?  This question may seem unusual for those of us living in the safety of the United States, but it came up about a decade ago in Columbine, CO when a young assassin questioned his victims as to whether they believed in God before pulling the trigger to end their life.  So ask yourself that?  Would you die for your belief in Christ?

Some of you would have to admit that you would not be willing to die for Christ.  Which is understandable, but it may point to the weakness or absence of your faith.  Today, ask God to give you faith to trust in Him with your entire life so that you know if you died today, you’d be with Him in Paradise.  But for those of you that said “Yes!, I would give my life for Christ,” there is another question.

How are you “sacrificing” or “dying” for Christ in your school and in your community right now?  You see, it’s sometimes so easy to claim you have the faith and the belief and the courage to die for Christ.  To go to a far off country and be ridiculed, persecuted, and even killed for your faith.  But if you’re not willing to sacrifice today, then chances are, your faith is not that strong.  How are you witnessing to your friends and family today?  How are you sharing Christ when people make fun of you?  How are you standing up for those that are bullied, ridiculed, or persecuted in your school or work?  How are you taking an unpopular stand to live for Jesus in your school?

Sometimes living for Jesus can be just as hard as dying for Him.  Take time today to pray for your own faith.  Ephesian 2:8 says that “For by grace you have been saved through faith.  And this is not your own doing, It is the gift of God.” (English Standard Version).  The gift, according to this Scripture, is not “grace” but “faith.”  Faith is a “gift” from God that He longs to give you.  Pray that God would give you faith!  If you already believe, pray that the Lord would water the seed of faith that is planted in your heart.  Pray that God would give you opportunities to be bold this year.  Pray for God to give you the strength to die to your own selfish desires and truly live for Jesus now.

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